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A Celebration of Joy: Myron Barnstone's Hidden Art

April 12 - 17, 2019

Opening Reception: April 12, 6-10 pm

Welcome to "A Celebration of Joy: Myron Barnstone's Hidden Art." The work you're seeing has been locked away for half a century.

​In 1967, the late Myron Barnstone was the toast of Paris. But his early artistic success was overshadowed by his frustration that schools were beginning to abandon classical drawing instruction in favor of what "felt good."

​Myron locked away his own work to dedicate his life to teaching the next generation of artists the fundamentals of design practiced by the great masters. For 35 years, Barnstone Studios alumni went on to distinguished careers in art-related fields, creating their mentor for giving them a strong foundation.

After Myron's death in 2015 his daughter, Catherine 'Cat' Barnstone Szafran, began sharing Myron's own work with the world. ​"Celebration of Joy: Myron Barnstone's Hidden Art" is the first Barnstone exhibit in New York. This is also the first year these works have been seen by the public.

​Thank you for helping to continue the Barnstone Legacy. 

Barnstone Studios

202 A East Main Street, Thurmont MD 21788

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