Dev Harlan

Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Jaoung Yoon

Sep 15, 2016 - Oct 14, 2016

EIGHTEEN exhibited the work of three artists working in sculpture, installation and transformation over time. The title of the show references the spatial concept of Gallery Usagi; architect Sou Fujimoto’s design is based on eighteen movable panels that divide, striate and give impermeability to our space. In “Eighteen”, the panels are used not as surfaces to display 2D work, but as interventions in space that divide time.


Unremarkable Stars by Dev Harlan _#groupshow #projectionmapping #dumbobk

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Copy of 14369920_10157502273010437_1411972298145916545_n

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Unremarkable Stars by Dev Harlan _devharlan #Repost _brianbanton #projectionmapping #contemporaryart

Threshold Thought #07. Jaoyung Yoon. Photography credit_ Liliya Satirova




Spectacular work by Jaoyung Yoon will be on display at Usagi until October 14th, 2016


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