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Kodak Ektra and GuruShots present

KODAK MOMENTS Photography Exhibition 

September 15th - 24th, 2017

Kodak Ektra has collaborated with GuruShots, the online photography gaming platform, to present an exhibition of photographs submitted by contestants in the ‘Kodak Moments Challenge’ which invited photographers from around the world to share their personal interpretations of what constitutes a ‘Kodak Moment’.

In response to the challenge, nearly 12,000 photographers from 96 countries submitted over 45,000 photos. "Kodak Moments" exhibits a selection of the strongest images, chosen through 9 million votes and curated by Iris Nesher.

Additionally, Kodak Ektra will present Stories of Change. This part of the exhibition will feature images captured on the KODAK Ektra Smartphone by three influential female photographers — Nicola Bailey, Renell Medrano and Jen Steele.

Stories of Change is a thematic study of New York culture, society and population, showing how photography can capture and influence social trends.



My Kitchen, Mariano Cortez, United States

M_Ossingen - Alberto Cortes - Switzerland_W50

Ossingen, Alberto Cortes, Switzerland

XL_My First Shot - Shubhomoy Ray - India_W100

My First Shot, Shubhomoy Ray, India_W100

L_Runway Models - Kelly Wicks - United States_W70

Runway Models, Kelly Wicks, United States

L_Smile for a Cookie - Ryszard Wierzbicki - United Kingdom_W70

Smile for a Cookie, Ryszard Wierzbicki, United Kingdom

L_Love in Adversity. A father and daughter moment.  - Jerraleen Juachon-Balais - Philippines_W70

Love in Adversity - A father and daughter moment. Jerraleen Juachon, Philippines

L_Thaipusam - Ralf D. Weinand - Germany_W70

Thaipusam, Ralf D. Weinand, Germany

L_Novice Monks just being kids - Cindy Koller - United states_W70

Novice Monks just being kids, Cindy Koller, United states

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