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Party Friendly Futures

Nov 20, 2015 - Dec 26, 2015

In Party Friendly Futures, PARTY NY, a multi-disciplinal creative lab based in Tokyo and NY, explores the possibilities for new technologies transforming into platforms for the connection between the individual and society. The show features four newly launched interactive projects. 

In the world of technology, everyone is in a rush to step forward. We want faster, smaller, smarter, and cheaper. But what if we also make the future friendlier?

FRIENDLY FUTURES is our exploration of this idea. It's a mini-expo of PARTY creations from a more friendly future. In this exhibition, we showcase four prototypes that embody our approach to art, commerce, and technology. They are designed to reward experimentation, increase emotional connections, and produce joy. These projects involve some of our favorite things: dogs, books, and music. We hope you can stop by and enjoy what we've made.

Bookü is a book customization service that allows you & your friends to become the character of your favorite book. Using the Bookü interface, you can choose from a selection of classic books, then change the names of the main characters to the names of people you love. Once your book is filled with friends, a printed version with a personalized cover will be sent to your home.


Time Travel Radio is a music player that navigates through time. Instead of tuning in to a radio station, you dial into a year. Time Travel Radio will play a selection of hit songs from that year, taking you back in time. You can also fill it with songs from moments in your life and explore your memories via music.

The Song Wig is a hairpiece made of earbuds that explores new ways of sharing music. When you wear the wig, other people must enter your personal space to listen to a song. Many people can listen at once, crowding around you and sharing the experience. The Song Wig makes music sharing more personal and intimate.

Disco Dog is the world's first smartphone controlled full-color LED dog vest.You can choose an animation or type in a message using our Disco Dog application on your smartphone. It's a fun way to party with your dog, and also keeps her visible and safe when it's dark out. If your dog runs too far away, the vest will show an automatic "LOST DOG" message, asking bystanders to help the lost pup find her way back.

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