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Past events

Architype Exhibition by Qian Sun

Dec. 9 - Dec. 26

Peaceful Sleep by Shisa Yoshimi

Oct.14 - Oct.17

Group Photo Exhibition

Sep 24 - Oct 4

Untitled (Japanese Group Exhibition)

Sep 12 - 17

Unstructed by Shu Ohno

July 29th - Aug 30th

Brooklyn Heart by Carmen Petit Sarcos

July 11 - 18

Group Photo Exhibition

September 24 - October 4

Copy Of -Untitled 1 by Suchet Inuthai

June 14th - 26th

Stories that Move Us

June 12

Group Exhibition : New York State of Mind

May 23th - June 6th

Design Pier

May 14th - 19th

Renew Me by Grouphug Tech

May 10th

Mother's Day Event by Roma Karas

May 3rd

Hanger Crystal by Oki Fukunaga

April 1st - 10th

A Celebration of Joy: Myron Barnstone's Hidden Art

April 12 - 17

Goro Miyashita Windows NY

March 22nd - 29th

Hiroki Oshiro Noise Artist

March 10th - 17th

The Future Of Food

This exhibition features the work of 22 artists who explore the scientific and cultural evolution of food as sustenance, a waste product, and creative medium as we look towards our futures.

Contemporary Japanese Design Project

Pop Up Shop

The Vernacular of Landscape

Curated by Noah Waldeck

The Vernacular of Landscape is a survey of contemporary landscape photography curated by Subjectively Objective founder Noah Waldeck and co-edited by Float Photo Magazine. Showcasing images from 58 artists from around the world. 

Unknown Territories | Design Pier

5.23.2018 - 7.27.2018

DESIGN PIER proposes an exploration of places, stories and cultures hiding behind every design object. Uncovering the historical, cultural and social context of the exhibits makes us see them beyond their aesthetics. They become flesh and blood storytellers of the world they were born in.

DP presents unique design pieces of leading edge designers from Asia, Middle East, South and North America transforming Usagi Gallery into a place where cultures, knowledge, and possibilities are exchanged.

Remains to Be Seen: Emerging Thai Photographers

4.28.2018 - 5.13.2018

Remains to Be Seen exhibited fifteen images by three emerging Thai photographers. Representing a remarkable diversity of style and originality of vision, Kanrapee Chokpaiboon, Pratya Jankong, and Tatchpasit Kunaporn are pushing the boundaries of photographic medium at a time when cliched imagery is ubiquitous. 

Opening reception took  place in conjunction with Dumbo Open Studios on Saturday, April 28, 5-8pm. 

a catalog of difference

by Andrew Lucia

A Catalog of Difference is a study of change across material and perceptual environments, be they images or objects, calling attention to those differences which make a difference. Through a series of visualizations this body of work explores formal diagrams that have been meticulously extracted from the gradients of surface curvature and ambient light within their respective environments.

Under the same big sun

Photography Exhibition

8.15.2017 - 9.9.2017

Tea & Water Pictures, in collaboration with Usagi NY, brings you a photography
exhibition with true soul and heart – sharing tales of compassion and the human
condition from different corners of the globe.

Drawing and Sculpture 

6.1.2017 - 8.2.2017

The exhibition opened with 108 drawings and over the course of the next two months expanded to include sculptural work created on site. The artist, whose practice includes assemblage and bricolage techniques, invited gallery visitors to surrender electronic waste, small toys, and other objects that would otherwise be discarded. 

Dan Lam

Jaz Harold

Yunjung Kang

4.6.2017 - 5.14.2017

Three artists whose work is informed by organic forms and physicality of the human body. Initially seemingly non-threatening and inviting to touch, their work explores the themes of dualities of attraction/repulsion, nature/artifice, grotesque, a perception of beauty, and sexuality.

Jeffrey Brosk

2.2.2017 - 3.30.2017

An exhibition of sculptural work created by MIT-trained architect-turned-artist Jeffrey Brosk. His signature wall-mounted wood sculptures, which make ample use of the juxtaposition between the natural variations in the texture of wood and refinement of slate and gold accents, invoke the stark, understated Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Dev Harlan

Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Jaoyung Yoon

9.15.2016 - 10.14.2016


EIGHTEEN exhibited the work of three artists working in sculpture, installation and transformation over time. The title of the show references the spatial concept of Gallery Usagi; architect Sou Fujimoto’s design is based on eighteen movable panels that divide, striate and give impermeability to our space. In “Eighteen”, the panels are used not as surfaces to display 2D work, but as interventions in space that divide time. 

Alou XII

4.15.2016 - 7.11.2016


At the heart of Alou XII’s first solo show in the United States, “yädë” (voyage in fulani), are conflicting feelings of displacement and discovery inherent in long-term separation from home. Lush, richly textured large-scale paintings and videos that comprise much of “yädë” occupy the space between figuration and abstraction as physical landscapes meet landscapes of memory and imagination.

Brooklyn in Process | Work by Marvel Architects explores the creative process and reveals, through multi-media presentation how one firm found inspiration for seven distinct projects. We will showcase Marvel’s recent work in Brooklyn, including St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO, PierHouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park and McCarren Pool in Williamsburg. The show features aerial video by Marvel Vision

11.20.2015 - 12.26.2015


In Party Friendly Futures, PARTY NY, a multi-disciplinal creative lab based in Tokyo and NY, explores the possibilities for new technologies transforming into platforms for the connection between the individual and society. The show features four newly launched interactive projects. 


Molly Woodward

10.8.2015 - 11.7.2015


“One vanishing art that can still be studied in the interstices of the assault of global retail is vernacular typography. All over the world, there are cities and towns that retain their rich traditions of vernacular signage. Unfortunately, the fate of these typographic havens is being threatened by the uniformity of corporate advertising, which ignores and subverts local history and tradition.”
–Molly Woodward



7.31.2015 - 9.8.2015


In his book “Shiro (White)”, Japanese designer Kenya Hara regards “white” not only as simply a color, but also as whiteness of paper, which is a trigger that inspires creativity, and emptiness as physical and mental space that pulls out the force of communication.  


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