Shu Ohno Doodles

Drawing and Sculpture 

June 1, 2017 - August 2, 2017

The exhibition opened with 108 drawings and over the course of the next two months expanded to include sculptural work created on site. The artist, whose practice includes assemblage and bricolage techniques, invited gallery visitors to surrender electronic waste, small toys, and other objects that would otherwise be discarded. Scavenged and received objects were subsequently incorporated into the hyper-complex sculptural pieces that define Shu Ohno’s style. Like New York itself, the resulting artwork was molded day-by-day by the personal changes and specificities of space, environment, people, and objects that pass through and populate it, forging an intimate connection with the location.

About the artist

Shu Ohno received an MFA in Sculpture from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2006. Ohno has held several solo exhibitions in Tokyo and New York City. After New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy, Shu Ohno, who at the time resided in Brooklyn, was inspired to create a series of driftwood and debris sculptures entitled “The Moth-Eaten Something." He has participated in severalg
roup shows internationally including the ISE awards exhibition in 2014. He was also selected for the Keizo Suemura Award in September of the same year.


T:   (718) 801-8037

A:  163 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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